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Why We Dance

The use of our feet covers everything from walking in a processional, to twirling, marching, skipping, or stomping. God says that our feet are beautiful when they are used to bring forth and publish the good tidings of salvation. The Hebrew word for publish means to tell, declare, cause to, let or make to hear; proclaim, report and show forth. When we dance, we not only declare, but we also show forth the good tidings through the physical demonstration and communication of our body language. This is a powerful proclamation because it encompasses all that is within us - spirit, soul and body.

Many scriptures reference Satan (or our enemies) being under our feet {Romans 16:19-20, II Samuel 22:38-39, Psalm 8:6, Psalm 47:1-3} and others reference believers treading their feet {Luke 10:19, Joshua 10:24-25.} Remember that it is the serpent, as a type of Satan, who has been cursed by God with no feet with which to walk upright!

Paraphrased from Ann Stevenson's book Restoring the Dance.

Why We Wave Banners

There are many scriptural purposes for waving a banner; one for example, is spiritual warfare. Tnuwphah (ten-oo-faw) is a wave offering, or a perfume of fire that drives out the occupant (enemy). The root word is nuwph (noof) and it means to quiver (i.e., vibrate up and down, lift up, move, shake, wave.) Because our battle is not against flesh and blood, waving banners represents the spiritual activation of peace and rest in our lives by driving the enemy out!

The banner colors are also significant. Green represents health and healing. Gold denotes God's glory. Red represents the blood of Jesus or consuming fire, and purple symbolizes majesty.

In II Chronicles 5:13, the word "thanking" is "yadah", with one definition meaning "using flourishing hands to worship." Webster defines flourishing as making showy, wavy motions of the arms, as a sweeping or waving in the air. Every member of the congregation can participate by waving their hands to create a sweet smelling "savor wave" to drive the enemy out!

Paraphrased from Lynn M. Hayden's book Dance In The Church, What's The Point?.