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Color Chart:
Kingdom; Purple,Blue,Red,Gold.
Exodus 26-28
Hebrews 8:1-6
Blue, Purple, Scarlet and Gold were the colors of the threads used thoughout the Tabernacle as well as for the Priests Garments.  Symbolic of the Kingdom of God.
Refreshing; Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Peacock, Blue Cream, White, Silver.
Isaiah 66:12,13
Joel 2:23
Eph 4:30.
Represents our redemption(Silver) and the Holy Spirit and the heavenly  outpouring of rain and rivers(Blue) of refreshing.


River Of Live---Teal, Lt blue, Silver.
Bride---Gold, Silver, Opeq.
Ancient Of Days---Gold, Green, Opeq.
Song Of Deliverance---Lt Blue, Lavender Opeq, Silver.
New Wine---Burg, Gold, Red Mauve.
Open Heaven---Blue, Lt Blue, Opeq.
Refreshing---Blue, Silver, Md Blue.
Fresh Anointing---Purple, Med Blue, Gold.
Covenant---Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Gold.
New Life---Drk Green, Lt Blue, Silver.
Healing Waters---Med blue, Lt Blue, Opeq.
Tabernacle---Lt Purple, Blue, Red, Gold.
Holy Fire---Red, Gold, Opeq.
Thanksgiving---Red, Green, Silver.
Warrior---Red, Black, Gold.
Fire---Red, Orange, Gold.

All the hems are double folded and stitched for longer lasting. 

Anointed Streamers:  All our streamers are $25.00 with the stick and $20.00 without.

We do not stock Streamers so please allow for time to make them and delivery..