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My hoops are $30.00 each for the specialty8"  large type with designs on them such as rose of sharon and bride ect. The single or multicolored without a rose or center piece are $40.00 for a set, $20.00 for a single hoop.  All my hoops are made with double layered tinsil on both sides of the hoops, they are not one sided as I've seen some done this way and to me they look incomplete and not finished so I take the time to make sure the hoops look completed and are made sturdy with plenty of tinsil as with us of all things in time tinsil breaks off. 


River Of Live---Teal, Lt blue, Silver.
Ancient Of Days---Gold, Green, Opeq.
Song Of Deliverance---Lt Blue, Lavender Opeq, Silver.
New Wine---Burg, Gold, Red Mauve.
Open Heaven---Blue, Lt Blue, Opeq.
Refreshing---Blue, Silver, Md Blue.
Fresh Anointing---Purple, Med Blue, Gold.
Covenant---Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Gold.
New Life---Drk Green, Lt Blue, Silver.
Healing Waters---Med blue, Lt Blue, Opeq.
Tabernacle---Lt Purple, Blue, Red, Gold.
Holy Fire---Red, Gold, Opeq.
Thanksgiving---Red, Green, Silver.
Warrior---Red, Black, Gold.
Fire---Red, Orange, Gold. 



Acient Of Days, $25.00 each


Fresh Anointing, $25.00 each

Warrior. $25.00 each

Jubilee, $25.00 each


Our Hoops are made to order we do not stock them so please allow time to make and for delivery...